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İnşaat & Gayrimenkul CRM

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Lider Firmaların Tercihi


İnşaat ve gayrimenkul sektörüne özel ilk CRM

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Bizi Tercih Eden Bazı Müşterilerimiz

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Product Features

In addition to sales force automation for Construction companies; PRISM CRM also successfully manages important business processes for the construction sector such as Portfolio Management, Finance Management, Document Management, After Sales Operations and Post Delivery Operations.
Having these features, makes us the only and leading integrated CRM software in the industry.

Code5 Software Automation
Code5 Software has adopted the philosophy of customer-centered working since the day it was founded.

In line with this philosophy, we have developed software solutions for customer requests by combining the latest possibilities of software technologies and the practical facts of the economic world we are in.







Some of the companies preferred us

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What our clients tell about us

Code5 thinks that we have stepped into a journey with our clients which lasts a life time, and in this journey friendship and trust we have with our clients are as important to us as the rules of our profession.”

  • Ziya YILMAZ


    We have entered a collaboration process with Code5, the leading software company in its industry, to bring our information infrastructure and functioning to a more powerful, practical and healthier level. With PRISM CRM application, we saw that we can take quick and sound judgment in the sales processes of all of our projects. While starting to work with PRISM CRM, our primary goal was to create a systematic structure that could analyze the right data.



    As VIA / PROPERTIES, we needed a fully integrated and highly experienced CRM solution in managing the CRM and all related operations of the real estate projects we realized in Istanbul and Ankara. VIA / PROPERTİES obtained a more productive infrastructure thanks to the PRISM CRM project, which started in March 2012 and gained control over workflows. We preferred PRISM CRM, which is produced by Code5 software who developed its sectoral experience on Construction CRM with its customer-oriented approaches and special applications for the construction sector. Within the scope of the PRISM CRM project we run together with Code5 Software, we combined our head office and sales offices into a single infrastructure. I can say that the efficiency of our sales team increased with PRISM CRM, which enables the whole team to reach the necessary information immediately and control them instantly and help us to make accurate and quick judgments on strategic issues through the integrated program.

  • Engin YEŞİL


    We are creating a giant project of 14,000 houses. We established the CRM infrastructure of our project through PRISM CRM. Thanks to the PRISM, we are able to control all business processes from marketing to sales, and after sales to finance. One of my favorite features is the reporting systems. The reports I want to see are automatically sent by the system to my mobile phone and e-mail address.

  • Hakan ÖZYAZICI


    While we were in search of a software program to manage our real estate sales process and customer relationships, we met with Code5 Software. The PRISM CRM they developed especially for construction companies, knocked us off our feet and we started to work immediately. Our adaptation to the program was so easy and fast. When the PRISM CRM 's superior features combined with Code5 Software' s service concept, our productivity increased to the highest level.

  • Ahmet Murat BİNARK


    Established in 1948 as one of the first and pioneering companies in the Turkish construction sector, GARANTİ KOZA Construction Industry and Trade Inc., carry on its works by maintaining its esteemed position established at home and abroad with 64 years of constructor and 31 years of real estate development experience, strong corporate structure, and a wide range of activities. While developing our marketing and sales strategy, which is an important element of real estate development activities, we needed a robust and easily adaptable CRM Software. It was difficult to reach the desired results with our existing CRM system. After examining many different CRM solutions, we chose to work with PRISM CRM due to its strong infrastructure and modules covering our entire process from end to end. Our sales offices and headquarters fully integrated, hence we improved our operational efficiency and increased our sales force. Now, we ensure a flawless workflow through controlled sales process management.

  • Ramadan KUMOVA


    As Fer Yapı; we preferred to create our CRM infrastructure in accordance with our customer-oriented approach with Code5 Software, who has developed its expertise on Real Estate and PRISM CRM, which is the leading CRM solution of the Construction sector. We have been using PRISM CRM since the day we established our company. PRISM CRM supports and develops the customer-oriented approach of Fer Yapı. We have accelerated the sales process with PRISM CRM. The tools offered by the system added agility to our team and enabled us to manage the entire process from end to end without error. We increased our operational efficiency by managing our marketing and sales processes with the CRM culture and software infrastructure that we established in our company.